Sunday, May 27, 2012

Picnic in the Park

Photographers are usually regarded as solitary creatures. However, as the Visionaries Unite picnic proved, we love meeting and socializing with other photographers just as much as any group. Organized by Kitty Gallanaugh, the meeting was held on May 5th at Hyde Park in London. At least that was the plan. In typical English fashion, rain had us diving for cover at a little Italian bistro for an afternoon of coffee, photo talk and portfolio sharing. Topics included: the ever controversial copycats, creepy Flickr stalkers and self-promotion on Facebook. The motley crew of photogs included: Cat Lane, Katie Eleanor, Emma Hope, Nicollete Iles, Ella Ruth Cowperthwaite, Aistė Tiriūtė, Sevgi Ky, Elmo Williams, Thomas Cole Simmonds and Hattie Day. Kitty was unfortunately not able to attend due to an emergency surgery. She is doing well now and is already planning the next meet up. After the rainy start, the sun finally peeped out for a couple of hours and the photographers descended en masse back to Hyde Park for an impromptu photo session. The odd sight of so many cameras attracted the attention of tourists who in turn photographed the silly tableau. No meet-up is complete without an official mascot and this was no different. Watch out for a cameo from Carlos the Aphid on the exclusive meet up video. For more photos head over to Cat Lane’s and Ella Ruth’s blogs.









Visionaries Unite



©Nathalie Donado

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Addiction Diaries

Small portrait series I improvised for a University project. Four self-proclaimed addicts tried to go a week without their fix. Going to start making more mini-posts.


©Nathalie Donado