Monday, December 22, 2014

Engine Trouble

Most improvised shoot to date. The entire time was spent racing against the sunset but amazing little nooks were discovered and pretty photos were taken. Stylist was Luisa Pino. Models were Cristina Londono and Mauricio Meneses. Must apologize to my amazing crew for my subpar driving skills and the very real risk of contracting chikungunya on account of stepping into a swarm of mosquitos.


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Family Session - Ordoñez Donado

Last month I spent a lovely afternoon with the most adorable family I know: Jesus, Juliana and their nearly two-year old twin girls Mariana and Cristina. My usual partner in crime/stylist Luiza Pino was on hand for art direction and styling. Big thanks to all of the extended family behind the scenes keeping the toddlers happy and smiling for the camera.

El mes pasado pase una tarde divina con la familia mas adorable que conozco: Jesús, July y sus mellas Cristina y Mariana. Luiza Pino de Nuevo estuvo acompañadme, dirigiendo escenas y sirviendo como estilista. Mil gracias a el resto de la familia tras bambalinas que tuvieron a las chiquillas entretenidas y divirtiéndose durante la sesión.