Monday, February 25, 2013

Lola - Mini post

Found some portraits of the gorgeous Wenjing Fan (AKA Lola) while cleaning up my hard drive. She's all the way in China now, living the life in Beijing.

Starting to do mini-posts in between my bigger shoots to share some of my more random shots. Also tweaked the blog a bit to make it as clean as possible.

I've started a beauty/style blog @, follow for makeup, nail stuff and fashion.




images ©Nathalie Donado

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sunny side up

Is there anything quite as challenging as shooting at noon in the sub-tropical sun? Not really, especially after being used to the rather feeble English sun. It was noon or bust as my model had class all afternoon. Challenge accepted. I was very worried as I couldn't actually see if I was exposing and focusing the photos correctly (stupid glare) and I kept forgetting I had my sunglasses on. Luckily, or skillfully, I did get photos I loved and didn't take much editing. Kudos to Isabella for braving the 30 degree heat in that pink jumper. It's a lovely homecoming to shooting in Colombia again and I'm looking forward to more shoots.












images ©Nathalie Donado

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I met Ella on November 2011 I believe. I had worked on an issue of the now defunct Racing Minds magazine as layout designer and she had a whole editorial to herself. After looking up her work I realized she lived in Sheffield, which is the place I would call home for a whole year. I knew I had to meet her. I'd never met another photographer and I was inordinately excited when she said yes to our mini-meet up. Lo and behold a mini-meetup turned into 15 months of photo adventures and one of the best friends I've ever had. From endless discussions on photography to personal drama, nothing was off limits. A couple of weeks before I was set to leave England I spent a whole weekend with her and one half of her lovely family (and cats). It was meant to be a whole weekend of photos but really it was nice just to have uninterrupted Ella-time. Of course it's not Ella-time without some photos and climbing. This time it was a cliff face. I nearly died. There was also a comedy festival, yummy chicken curry, CATS, and a book cover. I was an idiot and left my camera charger in London, so this photos where taken with Ella's lovely D90.

I miss thee Ella and out little photo adventures. I apologize for the sappiness.

Start saving, the American road trip is happening.



DSC_0035 copy


images ©Nathalie Donado