Thursday, August 16, 2012

garlands of smoke

I wasn't meant to be organizing shoots and taking days off to take photos, but that shutter click is deliciously addictive and the prospect of working once more with Sarah Gray was enough to crumble my (admittedly weak) willpower. Sarah is a doll and basically found the location, styled the shoot, did the make-up and hair, AND made the amazing flower garlands on Stevie's and Helen's heads. This shoot's location was one of the most amazing gardens I've had the pleasure to play with. In typical British fashion, massive rain clouds loomed in the distance and ended up soaking the entire team and forcing us to seek shelter in the greenhouse. Armed with a Spar plastic bag wrapped around my camera and an umbrella out intrepid team braved the awful conditions. We also had a bit of fun (and a scare) with some smoke bombs make by Katie Eleanor. Wind and flammable things do not mix. Big thank you to Sarah's parents for letting us set off smoke bombs on their drive and their back garden, feeding us, and just generally being lovely. Also, kudos to the owners of our garden wonderland for letting us prance about their little slice of heaven.


Saturday, August 4, 2012


A shoot with the lovely Melissa at the Botanical Gardens in Sheffield. August will be a bad month for shoots with my dissertation due soon. I also have to move from Sheffield in September. It will be a crazy couple of months while I find my bearings but I'm hoping all will be good and more photo adventures are in my future.