Saturday, October 22, 2011

35 mm

Taking advantage of a redbull induced energy high, I set off on Friday for a mini photographer meetup with Ella Ruth Cowperthwaite. She had told me of a little wooded area close by she'd been to, so we proceeded to climb UP for a good 15 minutes. I will not get used to Sheffield hills. It was worth it though, it's a beautiful place and perfect for shoots, no people walking around. Hopefully, we'll go back there for proper photoshoots. I took film and digital for the first time. I also accidentally opened the back of my Pentax before winding the film and did something unexplainable that resulted in something that looks like a double exposure. I was crashing from my redbull high. It's my only excuse for being such a noob. The light leak turned out beautifully though. Film and digital will be two different posts for the sake of neatness. I must say, film makes this location look wondrously creepy.

©Nathalie Donado

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