Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring + Summer 2012: bits I love

Despite the fact I got caught in a HAIL STORM yesterday I am optimistically looking forward to slightly warmer temperatures and a bit more sun peeking through the English clouds. In preparation for that wondrous time I have compiled a list of nine trends I will indulge in this year:

Numero 1: Tribal

Tribal is a mish-mash of ethnic influences from around the world, including aztec and African prints. It's also about colour. Lots of it. Aside from the Mexican/African vibes, Peruvian and Navajo prints have been trending as well. As a pop of originality I look to my native Colombia, for hand-made Carrieles, the bag of choice for jinetes (cowboys) and the traditional mochilas made by indigenous tribes and each unique. 

Numero 2: Freckles

This might seem like an odd choice for a trend, but freckles where a mayor make-up trend for the upcoming summer. Natural or DIY, they add a touch of youthful playfulness and memories of childhood trips to the beach.

For a DIY tutorial on a cute freckled look, check out Pixiwoo's youtube channel:

Numero 3: Flower prints

The spring cliche. 

Make them original by choosing less cutesy prints and stronger colours. 

Numero 4: Bright Eyes

Bring out the neon eye shadows! 

The key to this look is making the eyes the central focus and keeping the rest of your face bare. The bright make-up trend isn't eye-exclusive, try bold, pink lips or have fun with nail polish

Numero 5: Americana

This is a melting pot of American staples, from 50's feminine silhouettes, to baseball jackets, cowboy boots and Florida chic.

Numero 6: Geek Chic

This is a personal favourite and a timeless choice. It's more than big frame glasses (which I own, and have a prescription for). Think Dino jumpers a la Sophie Hulme, brogues, and blazers. For the adventurous, try a swimsuit in a galaxy or R2D2 print. 

Numero 7: Pink Hair

I've been wanting to try out this trend since last year. I will probably settle for a less dramatic dip-dye. It's an automatic splash of girlie that will clash wonderfully with more masculine pieces like blazers and tailored shirts. 

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