Sunday, June 12, 2011

behind the white catwalk

Thursday I spent the entire afternoon documenting the process of mounting a fashion show for a former school mate of mine. The collection was fantastically colorful and upbeat, which makes sense as the brand is called Laetitia which means joy. It's perfect for the city, as Barranquilla is nothing if not colorful and upbeat, not to mention hot as hell, so summer dresses and rompers fit the bill. I was there to take photos of the staff and model hijinks. Never thought I'd see the day when models shoved over staff to get to the food. I didn't manage to get a photo of that though, must confess I was doing some shoving myself. All in all a beautiful and hilarious group of girls. I narrowed down the photos to my absolute favorites, but if anyone feels like checking out the 100 + photos (that I edited, there were 300ish), head over to my facebook fan page (cringe) to ogle at them.

Up next: two photoshoot this week if all goes well. All images © Nathalie Donado

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