Sunday, June 26, 2011


It might sound a bit silly to say shopping for new makeup inspired a photo shoot, but in this case it's pretty accurate. I'm a sucker for bright colors and yesterday I found myself the owner of a brand, spanking new set of pro eye colors. Fuck yeah. In any case I had also planned to go to the beach with two of my besties (the other went off to another beach so she missed out, boo Mayi, boo). It's also been raining for a couple of days and today was cloudy as hell. Fortunately around 4ish the light became less flat and fugly gray and I realized my photo shoot might actually happen. So I sat them down and broke open those pretty colors. Applying the makeup was half the fun. I should take a course... but I digress. For a few glorious moments the sun peeked out from the clouds and gave me some drool-worthy shots. Yay! I even managed to get some sunburn on my neck. Redneck jokes forthwith. I also managed to get bitten by a spider afterwards.

all images © Nathalie Donado

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