Friday, November 18, 2011

Monochrome Mistakes

First black and white film roll. Film has been an agonizing but beautiful experience. Everything is trial and error, stupid mistakes, unexpected results and loud shutter clicks. I stepped into a dark room today for the first time and it felt... like my instructor was quite annoyed with me. To be fair, I was 10 minutes late. I can still get lost in Sheffield, I've only been here a month. In any case my roll wasn't going to be easy to develop and I was only treated to a lecture on chemicals and learned getting the roll developed requires some fumbling around in pitch black darkness. Not a fan of darkness, not alone and not in a locked room with a stranger. But I got the roll on the spool thing and into the developing thing, so I get a pat on the back. The amazing-ness began when we got to the printing part. Watching the image come up on the paper basically made my heart skip a beat. It wasn't my photo but it was still wonderful. Next up: developing my roll. Adventures in film continues.

These I took on a kind of black and white film that can't be properly developed at my uni's darkroom so I had them developed the boring way: Boots. The effects were not intentional. I simply suck in the unloading film department.

©Nathalie Donado

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