Monday, November 28, 2011


I shot this mini editorial a while back for a magazine in Colombia. By a while back I mean March. Since I've no clue wether it will ever get published I am posting it here. Also, I've been prioritizing my school work and sleep during the last few weeks so my photography has been nose-diving. I quite like this shoot, though to be honest I liked it a lot better when I first shot it... I miss Camilla and Mario, my ever-willing models who would let me boss them around just for the sake of a photo. The British gang haven't reached that level of commitment. Yet. 

I attended an amazing little event here in Sheffield called PushPull which is a forum created by photographers to showcase their work and talk about it with other creative people. I didn't show, and I don't know if I'll summon up the courage to do so. The other photographers seemed miles away from me in terms of talent and vision. I need to commit more. Have got an idea for a series so we'll see how that pans out. Rant over. More photos!

all images © Nathalie Donado

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