Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I met Ella on November 2011 I believe. I had worked on an issue of the now defunct Racing Minds magazine as layout designer and she had a whole editorial to herself. After looking up her work I realized she lived in Sheffield, which is the place I would call home for a whole year. I knew I had to meet her. I'd never met another photographer and I was inordinately excited when she said yes to our mini-meet up. Lo and behold a mini-meetup turned into 15 months of photo adventures and one of the best friends I've ever had. From endless discussions on photography to personal drama, nothing was off limits. A couple of weeks before I was set to leave England I spent a whole weekend with her and one half of her lovely family (and cats). It was meant to be a whole weekend of photos but really it was nice just to have uninterrupted Ella-time. Of course it's not Ella-time without some photos and climbing. This time it was a cliff face. I nearly died. There was also a comedy festival, yummy chicken curry, CATS, and a book cover. I was an idiot and left my camera charger in London, so this photos where taken with Ella's lovely D90.

I miss thee Ella and out little photo adventures. I apologize for the sappiness.

Start saving, the American road trip is happening.



DSC_0035 copy


images ©Nathalie Donado

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  1. You are beautiful and wonderful and I miss you :[ This post was so lovely to read (and made me miss you more) & (as usual) you beat me to it! I wish you were in Sheffield right now. The Peaks are calling our name :[

    Bring on America!