Saturday, January 21, 2012

Revision Procrastination

I should be doing Law revision. However my head can't seem to wrap itself around the intricacies of  British media law. Hopefully I won't be sued during my journalistic career. I would just chuck a copy of McNae's Essential Law for Journalists at any poor soul that tried. In any case, I treated myself to the first shopping trip of the year and if I'm smart it'll won't be repeated anytime soon. I did get great value for money though, so no regrets. Especially loved the 20% off for students at Topshop. It's hard to choose which is my favourite shop in the High Street... Topshop has clothes, but I seem to spend a lot of my time (and most of my money) at Boots. Boots, for the un-initiated in the ways of the British, is a drug store. But it is so much more. I'm not a beauty/make-up obsessed person, I don't think so anyways. Yet Boots is a little slice of heaven for me. It reminds me of a shop back in Colombia called Fedco which sold only beauty products and it was such fun, even though we didn't get nearly as many products as are found up here. Before I digress any further... I went shopping and below are the results.

I read blogs constantly and I'm still not sure how to make what is essentially a haul post not sound... well... like a haul post. With that in mind I'l try to at least make it informative. Item number 1!

Boots Botanics Rosewater Toner: instant favourite. I had perused the Boots Botanics line before but more in a waiting-for-my-prints-to-be-done-upstairs kind of way. I've been obsessed with Essie Button's youtube channel and blog and she mentioned this in her daily skincare routine video. I picked it up and it's marvelous. Smells lovely, if you like the smell of roses and leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed.

Another product I picked up on the recommendation of a youtube beauty guru. The Lush Cupcake Mask. Technically I don't have oily or teenage skin. This felt like giving your skin a treat. And my face smelled like a cupcake for hours. Which is is great but also extremely frustrating because I was craving a cupcake at 10 pm on a Friday night. The mask is kept in the fridge so the cool feeling when you slather it on is a definite plus. 

It looks like mud but it smells like a chocolate cupcake.

Another line of products I've fallen in love with is Soap and Glory. Everything they make is amazing and if you haven't already, get to it. I decided to try this puppy out because my beloved Givenchy primer died and I can't afford to buy expensive primer at the moment. The Hocus Pocus isn't really a primer, it's supposed to be a flaw-softening potion. And that is exactly what it does. Amazing I tell you.
I'll even use it without foundation just some powder on top for a really natural look.

This little cutey is courtesy of Rimmel London. I borrowed a bronzer from a friend and liked it so I decided to give this blush a chance. It's a bit too pigmented for me, so a light hand is needed, but I like the rosy colour.

This I adore. I admit before moving to England I had no idea who Nicola Roberts was. I was also a bit hesitant about using a "celebrity" line but this was so good. It's made specifically for pale skin, which is what I have now in the middle of winter. It's a bronzer but it's not orangey at all! 

It's perfect for contouring. 

The collection continues to grow! These came in a really cute little bag, couldn't help myself. Am wearing 'causing a stir', the taupe is called 'big smoke' and the blue is 'pool party'. A bit disappointed with the brushes, they're very small and not great for even application. They are Topshop polishes though, wasn't expecting great things. 

This is called a Chubby Stick and I tried them out before just for their name. It's a Chubby Stick. Instant love. It's a moisturizing lip balm with just a hint of colour. This one is in richer raisin. 

It's like a crayon. It also tips the scales at £16 a pop but I love them.

I also did some proper shopping, in case anyone was wondering after that absurd amount of product review. Circle scarf is from Topshop.

These were the find of the day at £15 from Topshop. Yay for sales and student discounts! I also got a pair of Kirsten Jeans, the high-waisted, skinny ones. As a curvy-kind of gal, skinny jeans are tricky. I hate boot cut and once you find the perfect skinnies, you will never go back. The Kirsten jeans are close to perfect.

I went a bit mental and purchased a pleather, pleated skirt from H&M. Never thought I'd wear pleather, but it's growing on me. Very cute. 

Here's a detailed shot of the skirt and the navy dress I also got at H&M. I have so much dark blue in closet...

I hope this wasn't nearly as boring as I felt it could be. I've been wanting to do another outfit of the day post but I've been stuck inside with revision and it's been raining so the light is shit. Can I say shit in my blog? Yes. I've decided I can. Must also organize a photoshoot soon! A proper one. Probably with Ella. 



images ©Nathalie Donado

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  1. ^^ Amazing. Lusted over your shopping instead of doing Ethics. I'm very tempted to try that toner, it looks beaut.