Friday, January 27, 2012

Braving Blizzards

Finally had a chance to use my camera. I fear Lafayette (aforementioned camera) is starting to resent my lack of picture taking. A DJ friend asked me to take some snaps for a promotional poster and headed up to the peaks with an impromptu assistant (glorified umbrella-holder). Of course as we drove up to the Peak District it started to snow and hail. On the bright side I'd just received my Sorel boots, so I had appropriate footwear for this expedition. Never underestimate proper footwear. The peaks were a slushy, foggy, cold, snowy mess. It was beautiful. Very much looking forward to going back.

Had a moment of panic when my Pentax film camera (which I didn't use...) refused to expose correctly. It seems to working fine now, am guessing the cold must have affected it somehow. 

Worth the cold.

Images ©Nathalie Donado

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