Sunday, January 1, 2012

Twenty Eleven

A year in photographs:

In which my sister cooked a New Year's BBQ

In which we spent our nights being stupid and having fun

In which I reconnected with my high school posse

In which "las pelirojas Donado" went back to their dark roots

In which Camila became one of my bestest friends and model

In which Mario hogged all the camera time

In which my love of fashion shows was cemented

In which my sister broke her elbow while rollerblading...

In which I finished my 365

In which we spent ridiculous amounts of time at Juan Valdez... playing UNO

 In which nights were spent at Cafe de la Casa

In which I was paid to take photos for the first time

In which I spent over a month sick

In which Prospero stripped in an empty lot...

In which we were briefly re-united

In which I travelled to Bogota and things started to go my way

In which I started ANOTHER 365 that isn't going too well

In which I finally got to play with film

In which I travelled across an ocean... 

In which Sheffield became my home

In which I got to know some pretty lovely individuals

In which I learned what Pub Golf was... and lost

In which Halloween was properly celebrated

In which I met Ella and our photo adventures began

In which I trekked around the Peak District 

In which holidays were spent hibernating

New year means new content and more photos, yay!

all images ©Nathalie Donado


  1. Love this! Can't wait for our next adventures :D <3

  2. i like your blog !!